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Concern about girl friend's inner lips

Single male, 35, US:

My current girlfriend has a large and “fleshy” labia minora that hangs about one inch (or 2.5 cm), if not more, past her vulva and her clitoris is large and bulbous. I have noticed that her genitals sometimes vibrate rapidly, as if receiving a shock of electricity, even non-sexual situations like bathing. I have only been intimate with two women in the past and although they were much “smaller” I have never noticed this. Why does my girlfriends genitals vibrate even in non-sexual situations? Is this “normal” in all women? I am too embarrassed to ask her. I am curious.


Women’s vulvas vary widely, in size, shape color and texture. They are plain or convoluted.  It’s quite normal to have inner lips that protrude beyond the outer lips (labia majora).

Similarly, the clitoris, which is some what like the male glans, has as much variation in the size as any other body part. Its size ranges from a barley noticeable 2 mm to bulbous 20 mm and increases upon sexual stimulation like the glans does.

Quivering of inner lips under non-sexual situations like when you feel a wave of chill, thrill, or fear is an involuntary skin response and is perfectly normal. Skin also quivers elsewhere on the body.

Paul Joannides wrote a wonderful book “Guide to getting it on”. Try it. You will enjoy reading this very enlightening and entertaining book on sex. (By the way, you will find illustrations of variations in vulval and clitoral sizes and shapes in this book).

All the best
Poosha Darbha

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