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Need to think twice about this relationship
My fiance wants me to go out grab a stranger and give him a blow job while he is listening on the phone. I don't want to do this, but if I don't he will leave me. I don't want to ever loose him, but he doesn't understand that I can't do it and we always end up in a big fight over it. What should I do?
Duration : 2 months
Origin of the problem:  1 month after we got together
He's a very open minded and doesn't think that love and sex go together.
If I want to be with someone in a relationship, it is because I love him/her, I am confident of the relationship, I feel secure in his/her company, not feel insecure within the relationship for whatever reasons...but not because I feel threatened about being left out, not because I am driven to do things I don't like for fear of being deserted.

Dear, your relationship is hardly 2 months old and you already feel threatened and are being driven to do things you don't want to. Be assertive. Or give yourself more time to take the right decision. If someone tells you to do things you would not want to, and  creates a situation in which you feel insecure, I am afraid this is the time to rethink about this relationship.

We at www.sexualcounselling.com do think that sex and love have to go together for a long term relationship.
All the best
Poosha Darbha


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