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Be assertive. Not the time to say YES.

Okay. So im 12 years old, im in 7th grade. Theres this guy in my grade. Me and my friends made up gay names, mine was whore. So my screenname has the word whore in it. My BF asked me why? did i have sex or something? then i thought we were just joking around and he's serious..i said yes because i thought it was a big joke! he asked if he could eat me out or if i would blow him..i said yes, no he is making all of these plans to meet places. knowing me i would meet him. and i think it would go that far because i usually get walked over like that. now im scared to go around him, because he almost grabbed my boob last time, im kind of afraid of him i mean what am i supposed to do im only 12!

i played it out like i was really a whore slut whatever and now he is goin to try to have sex with me

Be assertive. If you want to say no, say so!. Better say NO, because you have a lot more time ahead of you to try out all the joys of life. If you try them earlier than you should, they often turn out to be very painful, as it happened in the case of millions of girls of your age.
All the best
Poosha Darbha


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