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I guess I got Molluscum...
i need one help...regarding STD
i met a prostitute 2 weeks back she has rashes all over her genital area i used 2 condoms and went good. but after 2 days i found bumps in my pubic area ...i searched whole net and found that i was infected with molloscum contageous...but the treatment was not properly mentioned in the sites.
salicylic acid and trinition cream have been suggested can i use them directly?
in some web sites i found that the infection may last long for 2 years ....is that true?

pleas ehelp me in this regard and suggest any medicines to take.
You must see a skin or STD specialist immediately to get clear of this infection. Do not venture into self diagnosis and more particularly self-treatment. Salicylic acid, for example, can burn your skin beyond recognition. Collect your courage and see the doctor. They are used to seeing thousands patients of all sorts and know how to treat their patients without embarrassing them.
All the best
Poosha Darbha


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