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I am divorced. My boyfriend is 71/2 inches long, and all I can take is 6 inches. Should we seek other mates?? What can I do, I am so upset. I went to the sex store and got a fake penis, and only 6 inches would go in. He is 7 and 1/2 inches. Should I tell him to hunt for another mate, and what is wrong with me? At 6 inches I could feel it reach the end. (My X husband was only 6 inches).

Woman, 55, USA


Nothing is wrong with you. Nor with him. He is a little above average and so there is a small disparity between your genital dimensions.

You donít have to lose your relationship on account of this. Try these changes in coital positions and hopefully your problem would be resolved.

1)   In man-on-top position, lie down with your face up, place pillow of moderate thickness under your buttocks. This will help your pelvic organs slip backwards and allow the vaginal barrel to stretch an extra inch or so, so that you may have less or no discomfort.

2)   A variant to the above is to hold your thighs closer, soon after he enters you. Since your knees are close together, your boyfriend has to rest his knees outside of your thighs. This precludes deep penetration and thrusting but allows tight grip on the penis, and increased pleasure.

3)   A third position is sometimes called knee-elbow position, wherein you will rest on your knees and elbows with your face on the bed and buttocks raised up. Adjust the distance between your knees so that he can kneel behind you, and enter the vagina from behind This is the best position when the penis is really long, or the womanís vagina is shallow, because the vaginal canal is lengthened more in this position than any in any other. The manís hands are free for caresses and there is no weight thrown upon you.

4)   Last but not the least, whatever the position, encourage your partner give you shallow thrusting. The most sensitive part of the vagina, as you may have realized over the years, is usually at its opening, up to an inch or two deep. With shallow thrusting, the vaginal opening slowly gets narrower and gives a snug pull around the head of the penis by wrapping around it [for a man whose glans penis is thicker than the middle shaft]. Itís a bonus for your man. As for you, the ridge around the head of his penis strokes the most sensitive part of your vagina i.e, the walls around your vaginal entrance.

I hope this information helps and I would appreciate your feedback.


All the best
Poosha Darbha


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