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Curved penis

25 year old male from Pakistan:

i just want to ask that my penis is curved since i am mature rather u can say that since puberty, the angle of curve is almost 45 degree. I want to ask that could it affect on my sexual life and is it normal, couldn’t i face problems during intercourse. Please guide me. Thanks


Thank you for sharing your concern with sexualcounselling.com

Some degree of curvature in the penis is very common, and does not interfere with sexual intercourse. But I cannot say with authority whether your case can be brushed aside as normal, since no examination has been made. I encourage you to seek consultation with a urologist who will examine you for the direction and degree of penile curvature upon erection, and for any possible commonly associated conditions such as displacement of urinary opening, and advise you accordingly.

All the best
Poosha Darbha




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