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Masturbation and penis shrinkage

Masturbation / self pleasuring : i did these mistakes in my teenage for over 7 years. last year i got the problems sperms was leaking, if i think a girl, in my penis sperms is automatically coming out. my penis size is also decresed, i got back-pain also and now i am taking siddha medicine i feel better, but past one week i got these problem once again, Is siddha medicine is better for solve this problem permanently how long it takes to cure.


Thank you for sharing your concern with sexualcounselling.com

My prescription for your problem – read any beginner’s book on sex for teenagers. ‘Common Sex Problems and Solutions’ by Prakash Kothari (UBS Publishers) is a good book to begin with. You get it in any good bookstore across India.

For now rest assured that –

1) masturbating is not wrong, not sinful, not harmful; and not a ‘mistake’.

2) Penis has the ABILITY to shrink to less than an inch and to swell up to almost 7 inches long - an ability no other part in the body possesses. It shrinks when it is cold outside, when you run, and even without any conceivable reason.

If you watch it/measure it a dozen times in 24-hrs., it returns a dozen different measurements. The solution to this problem lies in understanding that what is happening to you is very natural and NORMAL and is happening to others too.

3) Your backache may have some thing to do with your posture, body weight, spinal column etc. but nothing to do with self pleasuring. See an orthopedist on this issue.

All the best
Poosha Darbha




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