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Does asthma kill sex?

Does Asthma or medication to Asthma have any impact / significant impact on sex life? I am 27 male unmarried / Virgin. I do masturbate on an average of twice a day since last 15 years and I am healthy. I do suffer from Asthma not severely but Yes it has impact on my daily life some time. As partner sex involves a lot physical activities, I am afraid of this to trigger an attack / mild attack while performing in my future married life. I also feel a declination on my urge towards partner sex from last 2 years and preferring to do masturbate (as earlier I used to feel). Coincidently this change in my urge is observed after frequent Asthma attack in last 2 years. Though I feel its a Psychotrauma, because I also get urge on partner sex some time. Need ur comment on how u describe impact of Asthma or its Medication on Sex life.


Thank you for sharing your concern with sexualcounselling.com

My friend! Doesn’t common cold interfere with sex? Cough? Fever? Headache? Stomach ache?...

Asthma does too! Asthma is estimated to have affected nearly 300 million people across the world so you have that many companions, many of them equally or more affected than you and some very seriously. Every illness affects sexual life transiently, perpetually or off and on, and I think all of have to pass through this.

As with many other chronic illnesses, the sexual problems associated with asthma spring from several sources – physical, psychological, pharmaceutical, or partner-related. Some medications can affect sexual functioning. Some men have problems with sex because their self esteem is lowered. Some fear that their partners are repelled by their shortness of breath, cough or other symptoms. For some, the reaction of the partner could be discouraging or even hurting. Since asthma is a multifaceted disorder, each person’s situation is unique. So you will need a full medical examination to understand what exactly is your case and how best to overcome it.

In my opinion having Asthma is no reason to abstain from partner sex. Having asthma is no reason to feel depressed. It’s challenge thrown by life and must be met bravely.. with right strategy. Maybe you need to put additional effort to find a partner who understands your situation better. You will help yourself by discussing your problem with a sex counselor/therapist. You will benefit from interacting with people having a similar problem. It helps to go through internet resources and learn how to outsmart asthma and enjoy sex life.

Luckily you seem to have only sporadic attacks of asthma and that way you are better off compared to millions of others. This means you have longer symptom-free time at your hand – good enough to plan the timing of sex.

Some successful strategies adopted by those who have asthma helped them reclaim a joyful sexual life:

Have sex at a time of the day that is best for you. If take medication to improve your breathing, have sex when the effect of that drug is at its best.

Experiment with sexual positions that give you least exertion. Sitting, or lying on your back with woman on top, or side-to-side are among the best.

If your doctor permits, use an inhaler just before sex, as a preventive (prophylactic) measure.

At all levels take your wife into confidence, discuss your difficulties with her, and arrive at solutions convenient to both of you.

All the best
Poosha Darbha




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