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Pregnancy following childbirth

I just had a baby girl 22 days ago and i had sex with my husband he pulled out before he came i want to know if i could still get pregnant without using protection

F, 27, USA


Since your husband has pulled out before ejaculating, your chances of pregnancy are minimal. Having had a child birth just a few days ago offers additional protection, though this alone is not a reliable factor. Please remember that you need to play safe by using dependable contraceptive methods if you are particular about not conceiving soon.

In the absence of contraception, breast feeding offers a natural protection against pregnancy with a success rate of 98%, but only if all the 3 conditions mentioned below are met:

  • The breastfeeding should be total or nearly total

“Total breastfeeding” includes both exclusive breastfeeding (the infant
receives no other liquid or food, not even water, in addition to breast milk) and almost-exclusive breastfeeding (the infant receives vitamins, water, juice, or other nutrients once in a while in addition to breast milk).

“Nearly fully breastfeeding” means that the infant receives some liquid or food in addition to breast milk, but the majority of feedings (more than three-fourths of all feeds) are breast milk.

  • The mother's monthly bleeding has not returned since delivery.

  • The baby should be less than six months old


All the best
Poosha Darbha







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