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Does tight foreskin prevent me from getting married?

I get normal erections and have masturbated quite a number of times. When browsing the internet, I saw that inability to totally retract the foreskin can be a concern for sexual intercourse. For me, the foreskin is not very rigid; at the same time it's not flexible enough to be retracted fully to uncover the glans. Do this condition prevent me from getting married or is this I need to tell my prospective marriage partner? Request your help on this.

Normally u should be able to retract your foreskin fully into the grove just behind the head of the penis. When somebody has only a small opening at the tip of the foreskin such that it cannot be retracted at all.. and sometimes causes pain on erection too.. it's called Phimosis (pronounced Phymosis). This has two problems: The first one is of hygiene: The space between the foreskin and the glans gathers greasy white substance called smegma, which should be cleaned with plain water on a daily basis. But since the skin cannot be pulled back, cleaning becomes impossible and slowly bacteria may accumulate there causing infections with redness, swelling, bad smell, pus etc. Another associated problem is - if neglected for years on end it may trigger penis cancer (in those people who are genetically prone to such a cancer). (Don't be scared please).
There are a number of people (like you?), whose foreskin is lose enough for daily cleaning but cannot be retracted fully when the penis is erect. These guys need not worry about hygiene/health, but may experience mild discomfort in the first few intercourse episodes.. but the skin eventually stretches or slightly tears (as with the hymen in women) and then everything will be fine.
For yet a few people the foreskin does not give in and causes pain during intercourse. Seeing a doc. and getting circumcised is a must then!
Now, in your case, if the skin cannot be fully retracted even when it is flaccid (not erect), then you should have an appt. with your doc. He might give a small incision under local and there ends the matter. He might also encourage you for circumcision which we unhesitatingly endorse. You will not be losing anything by undergoing the latter. In fact you are better off health-wise.
To discuss or not discuss these matters with your prospective bride is up to you because there are no ethical issues involved in this, as far as i believe.
All the best
Poosha Darbha





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