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Masturbation - semen weakness, infertility, impotence

Some times i'm feeling pain in my penis and a Siddha doctor told that is due to masturbation. Will masturbation cause problem in erection during intercourse after marriage? will it weaken the strength of sperm/semen cells and cause infertility ?

The siddha doctor told that i've wasted my energy and semen by masturbation.. so i'm taking medicine for that now. i have a weak body / less stamina and that siddha doctor told me that these all are due to masturbation .. is that true ?

M, 19, India

Not at all! Masturbation does not cause infertility, "sperm cell weakness" or impotence.
Masturbation does not cause any weakness whatever. Since it is like any other physical exercise and since you hold breath for a while, and since you tighten your muscles for several minutes during masturbation (as well as intercourse), you will feel exhausted for a few minutes after the event. If it is intercourse, you will normally fall asleep immediately or just rest for a while) so that you don't feel the exhaustion. Whereas in masturbation you immediately come out and get back to some work and thus allow no time for the body to relax. That's why you feel weak.
Learn to sleep for at least 30 minutes after masturbation and I assure you you will not feel weak or exhausted at all.
Reg. pain in penis, may be it is a result of prolonged sexual excitement not relieved through orgasm. This is how it happens mostly. But a few health conditions like urinary tract infection also cause this pain. Get your urine tested for any pus cells and if present see a doctor.
All the best
Poosha Darbha






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