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Coming too quickly


M, 35, Married, India

Here is one solution to overcome this problem called "premature ejaculation" in 2 ways:
    1. Read slowly and carefully, the procedure outlined in the following link.

How to stop premature ejaculation and stay longer in sex

Discuss with your wife, and then together (i.e., with mutual cooperation) overcome the problem in about 4-6 weeks. Just as one would learn control over bowl movement, urination etc. or just has one could learn swimming/vehicle driving, so also one could learn to drive his movements to slow down ejaculation.

i did sex with my girlfriend with out condom. her menstrutaion period still did not come till 34 days have passed. is there any chance of got pregnancy?

M, 21, Single, China

Depends on exactly which day you have had sex. If you had sex some 15-20 days ago, ask her to get tested for pregnancy.
I am using copper T but now period has been delayed for 1 week so. Am i pregnant? is there chances of being pregnant.

F,30, India, Married

The information in your mail is insufficient to provide a helpful answer. Normally the failure rate of Copper-T is low. So a delayed period may not necessarily mean pregnancy. If in doubt get your early morning urine sample tested for pregnancy in a nearby lab, or see a doctor.
During every last day of my menstural period,the discharge always have offensive smell. Is this normal or an infection. Meanwhile i am yet to have sex with any man.

29, F, Nigeria

Offensive smell may mean infection such as Bacterial vaginosis, which is very common. It  can arise even without any sexual contact. Do not hesitate to see your doc. All you need is about a week's medication and may be advice about a couple of precautions.
how to use a condom properly?
Please read this link:
Two days back i had a massage at one of the massage parlors in San Jose, California for 1 hour. The massage sheets were not clean. I had my underwear throughout the session and never removed it. Towards the end of the session the asian masseur, asked if i would like to have a genital massage/blowjob. I refused and came out in 10 minutes. I am afraid that the place is a very bad one and i made the wrong choice of going to wrong massage parlor. I am having doubts that the massage sheets were wet with semen from a previous encounters of her with other customers. Is it possible for me to contract HIV from those unclean sheets or from her hands. She gave a deep massage meaning she used her hands hard on my back and around my neck and legs. I am confused as i am married. Should i take HIV tests ? Regards.
I guess you do not have much reason to worry about this episode. First it's unlikely that any parlour staff would leave semen on the sheets for the the next customer to lie down on. No body wants to lose business. Second, Even if those marks were of semen they need not necessarily contain HIV. Third, even if the semen contains HIV germs, they would not penetrate your skin unless there are open wounds or fresh cuts on your skin. HIV can only penetrate through wet mucous membranes (the pink wet skin that you find in the mouth, eyes, tip of the penis etc). A blow job on an a naked penis (i mean one without condom) would have been risky but this has not happened, no?
So, I think you have virtually no chance of contracting HIV from unclean sheets and her hands. Just to have scientific proof that you are free of HIV infection,  get tested for HIV and sigh with relief that you are Okay. Go for testing after 3 months from the date of massage.
Poosha Darbha






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