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Masturbation is the culprit?

Doctor , I am 27 , weight is 78kgs , height is 182 cms. I used to masturbate very often (twice in a day during my school days. And now once in 2 months or 4 months . I am ejaculating in less than 1 minute and my semen looks watery . Also my penis is bent downwards when it is erected . I am taking xxxyyy tablets for more than 6 months . But I don't see permanent results . Please help me .




A: First, stop taking any medicines for the problems you mentioned. Masturbation is harmless. It does not affect your sex life in any way. You will be sexually as fit and able as any other person.

Ejaculating within a minute or less is called premature ejaculation (PE). This is common and natural for youth and slowly tapers off once you get into regular sexual life, say through marriage.

Semen being watery is not a problem too. Actually when semen is ejaculated it is somewhat thick and whitish in color but it liquefies (becomes watery) within minutes. In fact, if it doesn't liquefy it can be problematic for fertility. So, being watery is not bad.

In case you are wondering, semen is released in a watery fashion under two circumstances: 1) when you are too highly excited  2) when you masturbate or have intercourse twice within a short time. But that is absolutely okay.

Relax! As it is, everything is fine with you. Dont gulp down loads of medicines for no meaningful reason.

Regarding your other questions: A slight curvature in the penis to the left, bottom or in some men to the right is comon when the penis is erect. This is normal and does not hamper your sexual pleasure or performance.

By the way, try to lose some pounds, unless yours is athletic body, because excess body weight caused by fat may reduce testosterone and increase estrogens in your body.

All the best
Poosha Darbha

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