A 28 year old single female from US writes:

It's been 2 weeks since my boyfriend and I had sex.  But when we finally had sex, his sperm was watery and thin.  Is this a sign that he has recently has sex?  Shouldn't a male sperm be thick when he has not had sex in a while?

Is my boyfriend cheating?

I can understand your apprehensions but I am afraid that watery appearance of semen is too insufficient to predict any thing of that sort.

Semen can be thin and watery for several reasons: High levels of sexual excitement before the intercourse and good amount of foreplay are very important factors.

Another factor could be the lapse time between the ejaculation and your observation. If you have observed the semen  several minutes after ejaculation it will be thin and watery.

What if the man had masturbated a few hours before so that he could last a little longer in intercourse? This could lead to watery semen.

Its true that the semen would be a little thick if a man has not had sex for a while but its difficult to infer anything out of that.


Can consuming alcohol before sex cause a man semen to
be watery or thin?  Also, can stress play an important
role in this?

Alcohol and stress do not make semen thin.
Too short and too long intervals between intercourses make semen look thin and watery.



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