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Tears during orgasm

I was wondering if when given sexual pleasure that if the pleasre is great enough emotional presence is normal. Sometimes I catch myself in tears but im not sure from what.

If I understood your question correctly, I must tell you that sexual climax is associated with some very interesting responses in some people. Some women cry loudly, some sob, some get tears, some giggle, some moan and many women remain quiet. These simply are individual variations - nothing abnormal or wrong with any of these involuntary responses. If you find yourself in tears during an intense orgasm it's in your nature. That's it!

Heavy flow of discharge

For the past few months I have started to have a heavy flow of discharge from my vagina. It is not thick and is white or yellowish. I have had a pap exam and my doctor didnt see any problems, but I was too embarrassed to tell her about the discharge. I also have an IUD Inter-uterine Device. Maybe my IUD is causing this or maybe i have some sort of bacterial infection?

Having an unusual discharge per vagina is sufficient enough reason to see your healthcare provider. You are right in presuming the presence of IUD or bacterial infection as a possible cause, but there may be other causes as well. Since it is common to get such health problems, you need not feel embarrassed to consult a doctor. In fact, neglecting it out of embarrassment can prove to be costly, because some of these infections can cause damage and/or blockage of tubes. Please see your doc immediately.

Can I avoid wetness during erection?

I am 24 years old and recently started dating a girl which I like very much. The problem is that I have several erections while I am with her regardless where we are or what we are doing. Most of the times these erections also make me wet. This whole situation bothers me, I feel very uncomfortable. I have not had sex with this girl yet. Can you give me any advice to avoid this situation or there is nothing to do?

This is a natural and healthy human sexual response which cannot be avoided. It's akin to mouth-watering at the sight/thought of delicious food or as you sit to eat. Erections and wetness may be embarrassing but that is the way your body expresses your sexual desire towards her.

Is sex safe during pregnancy?

I am a 25 year old male married for four months now. We did not plan for a child and took care by putting condoms during initial 10 days time after her periods. This time she did not have her periods so far. It's been around 20 days now, I mean, her periods starts on 2nd or 3rd of each month. Also, we do not know the day when it happened. We never got ourselves checked up from Doctor for such a situation.

Please guide me on the following:

Can we have sex during her pregnancy and exactly till how long?
What are the precaution in particular to be taken?
Also, any general advise on the same.

You have mentioned in your mail that you 'took care by putting condoms during initial 10 days time after her periods'. Ovulation is likely to occur between 12th and 18th day of the cycle for a woman who menstruates regularly every 28 to 33 days. Sometimes ovulation (egg release) may be delayed by a few more days. This effectively means that using condom during the first 10 days after the periods does not assure you of protection from pregnancy. You will have to use them for another 7-8 days too. This is for your information.

Okay. Good that you do not regret the whole thing. You can safely continue sex during pregnancy. Nothing happens under normal circumstances. The general precaution is to avoid deep and vigorous thrusting. And avoid your weight on her, especially once her belly starts growing. As the pregnancy advances and the tummy grows, both of you will find some coital positions (ex: man-on-top) inconvenient. You can then switch over to side-to-side positions,   which also prevent deep penetration and thrusting.

You may continue to have intercourse as long as you and your partner agree and she doesn't feel uncomfortable. You may go up to 8th month of pregnancy too.

The warning signs, however, are: intermittent bleeding or spotting anytime during pregnancy (unrelated to intercourse), abdominal pain (during intercourse or otherwise) - if and when these signs are noticed it is better to avoid intercourse at least for a few weeks till the problems subside.


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