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Women with hairs around the nipples highly sexed?

My wife (age 22) has a few hairs around her nipples. She appears to be highly sexed and at times I am unable to satisfy her sexual needs. I am worried if she has excessive male hormone.

- R.V., Vizag

I am afraid your apprehension is misplaced. A few hairs around the nipples are quite common and do not reflect excessive testosterone (male hormone) levels in her body. It is usual for a man to think of his partner as oversexed (or of himself as dysfunctional) when his partner frequently fails to get sexual gratification, though the real reasons could be quite different. For example, the man reaching orgasm much earlier than his partner, the female partner receiving little or no sexual stimulation before intercourse, the female being unable to reach orgasm out of inexperience, lack of knowledge about various foreplay and coital techniques that could bring her to orgasm, and the like, could cause sexual difficulties between the couples. In your case, measures to identify and resolve such causative factors can bring about the missing sexual pleasure in your lives.
All the best
Poosha Darbha

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