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Do robust males have larger penis than their smaller counterparts?


Do robust people have much larger penises than their smaller counter parts? I am aged 23 and 175 cm tall with a weight of 72 kilos. Yet my penis measures only 14 cm when fully erect. This upsets me because I have seen guys who have much longer and apparently much stout shafts. For my age shouldn't I have a much bigger apparatus? (sorry for the slang.). I feel terribly shy to mingle with my friends especially at swimming pools and public bath places.


- TMG, Secunderabad




Well, body size has really no relationship with the size of the penis (or that of testicles, for that matter). There are very tall people, very short ones, heavy weights as well as featherweights who have longer penises than yours and of course much shorter ones too. Just as some persons of your height are slender and some bulky, so also the penis size varies randomly among “man”kind. Since your penis size is quite the way it should be, you need feel shy any more.


All the best


Poosha Darbha


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