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I am freed of gonorrhea but my wife still has it..

Q: I am sorry to write that I have visited a prostitute recently and got infected with “ganaria”. But within one week it has gone off and perfectly normal now. Unfortunately my wife is now infected now. She experiences unbearable burning sensation while passing urine, and she says she noticed some yellowish thick fluid coming out of her organ. Immediately I understood it is ganaria. Will it vanish on its own as in my case? Or should she consult a doctor. She is suffering a lot.

-LKP, Vanasthalipuam


From the symptoms you describe you both appear to be having gonorrhea and this warrants immediate consultation with a person who specialized in treating sexually transmitted diseases (a venereologist, he is called). There are quite a number of them in the city you live). Even though many people, like you, whose symptoms have subsided on their own, think that the disease itself has disappeared, gonorrhea is a not a self-curing disease. One of its characteristics is to withdraw physical signs and symptoms temporarily , only to reappear more vigorously later. Alternatively it may do extensive damage to the internal reproductive organs and can also be associated with other body organs as well in due course, if and only if left untreated. There are innumerable men and women whose fertility was adversely affected because of gonorrhea. The best part of gonorrhea is that it can be easily treated with modern antibiotics and every infected person can be completely cured of the disease if treated early. The worse part is that more than half of men and women infected with gonorrheal bacterium are free of outward symptoms and think they are healthy. In reality they are not! They are the ones who actively transmit the harmful bacterium to their partners. These are the most important reasons why you should see the doc immediately. You may also note that the gonorrheal infection is frequently accompanied by other infective organisms such as Chlamydia, which can be equally damaging, especially to women. Lastly, you may wish to know that prostitutes are nowadays referred to with a more accepted term “commercial sex worker (CSW)” or simply, “sex worker”.
All the best
Poosha Darbha

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