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Can we have sex during pregnancy?

Can we have sex during pregnancy? I gather that intercourse could result in a miscarriage. How does intercourse harm the baby? Does sex during pregnancy result in premature labour? We were too shy to ask our doctor.

-TBK, Kakinada


There is a widespread myth that sexual intercourse during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months (I trimester) may lead to miscarriage. The truth is that most miscarriages during this time result from genetic defects in the developing fetus. The spontaneous abortions which are common in the first pregnancy, are wrongly attributed by many to sexual intercourse during this time. For a woman whose pregnancy proceeds normally without any complications, sex is not likely to cause any pregnancy related problems including miscarriage and premature labour. However, there are certain circumstances in which sexual intercourse might predispose a pregnant woman to abortion. They include vaginal bleeding, frequent pain in lower abdomen, previous history of miscarriages, a weak cervix (mouth of the womb) that required sutures, evidence or history of placental problems all these conditions warrant care or better still, abstinence from sex during pregnancy. Likewise, it is not wise to participate in sex during and beyond second semester if twins are detected. If any of these conditions are not present, the couple can safely participate in sexual intercourse. Deep thrusting is discouraged if the female experiences pain during coitus. Your other question regarding possible harm to the developing baby: the penis does not physically contact the fetus, which is well protected by the uterine muscles and the amniotic fluid. The cervical mucous plug prevents bacteria and semen from entering the womb.

All the best

Poosha Darbha



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