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Is it safe for a pregnant woman to masturbate?

Q : Can a pregnant woman masturbate? It is customary in our culture for the pregnant woman to stay away from the husband from about 5 th month onwards and live at her “parents” place till delivery. I am in my 7 th month and live in such a situation. Being a recently married woman, frequently I feel the urge to have sex, but do not have the opportunity given the above circumstances. I was in the habit of self-pleasuring and had been orgasmic through masturbation in the past. Could I go back to it to relieve myself of the sexual tension, without risking my baby's health?


You may very well do so. There is absolutely no risk unless, you use dildos or other artificial penetration devices or resort to acts such as fisting without care.
All the best
Poosha Darbha

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