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I couldn't get him to climax

Me and my boy friend have been going out for almost 8 months ... I've given him head 3 times n a hand job like a billion but I just can't get him to there a reason for this...???

It is possible that the stimulation you’ve been giving him is not sufficient, nor the right kind to bring him to orgasm; or simply he is not comfortable with the whole procedure, or surroundings; is anxious; or has been on some prescription drugs that can affect the sexual response. Usually the circumstances.

Some men are not comfortable when their women partners take the lead role. Some are anxious type; For some, the circumstances cause anxiety. Some have intrapsychic conflicts.

These and such other factors are possible causes for a man’s inability to reach climax during sexual stimulation. Exactly what applies to your boy friend cannot be determined without an interview with him.

Ascertain whether he had reached orgasms earlier either through masturbation or partner sex. If he had any, then you need not be apprehensive. Allow him some more time and participate in an anxiety-free circumstances (letting him choose the time, place, method and pace. If you were taking the initiative in sex earlier, let me him start it now & vice versa.

All the best
Poosha Darbha

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