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Why does my peehole burn when i masturbate 2nd time within hours?

i am 19 years old...i used to mastrubate since i was 16!!my penis is just 4.5 inches..is the size of my penis fine?? i have another question,now if i mastrubate my ejaculation is very soothing and relaxing,but if i mastrubate again within 9 hours of my 1st ejaculation even though ejaculation dosen't occur the second time,the orifice of my penis burns like hell as if there is a swelling inside....and after half an hour i get back my relief!!! i get very depressed when i think about my sexual life later!!!please help please!!

- Male, 19, Kolkata




Thank you for sharing your concern with Sexual Counselling.com.

Yes, your penis size is just fine. The penis comes in many different sizes and shapes.

Regarding your second problem you need a medical examination.  See a urologist precisely when you get the burning sensation and explain your problem. Do not shy away. This problem might arise from, for ex., too much friction (during masturbation) on that portion of the urinary tract or due to some underlying infection. Other causes may include narrowing of the urethra (stricture). Your doc may want to physically examine the urethral opening and a little deep inside, and may order few simple tests such as microscopic examination (and probably culture and sensitivity tests) of urine and semen to trace out any infection, and if detected, for its cause and optimal treatment.

For the time being avoid second masturbation within a short time, and do not hold/squeeze the penis too hard.. it presses the urethra (urinary tube) which is very sensitive.

All the best
Poosha Darbha

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