A 35-yr. U.S. female writes:

I recently turned 35 yrs old. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant now for over a year and we haven' had any luck. I got my period last April 11th, and we had intercourse on the 20th through the 25th every day, and then a few days after. What is the possibility of me actually conceiving? Also...the past few months about a week or so right before I get my period, I get these nauseated feelings, which give me hope to think that I am pregnant those months, but then not long after I got my period. What do I get those nauseous feelings right before my period starts? Please answer back soon.

Health_problems :  I had an ectopic pregnancy back in 1997, when I was 27. They did a laproscopy and removed the fetus in my tube. (Again, I am now 35 years old. When I was 20, I was in the hospital for a week on an IV drip with Genamicen for my Kidneys. When I was 19, I had orthroscopic surgery on my right knee because it was locked. At age 13, I had a cyst removal in my left front shin.

Thank you for your mail. In view of the following conditions I encourage you to seek assisted reproductive methods for increasing chances of pregnancy within a short span

- your age
- previous ectopic pregancy and removal of one tube
- Ovulation kits indicating anovulation

The nausea could be a premenstrual symptom that some women experience but you may wish to seek gynec consultaion to make sure of it.

Regarding coital timing and frequency my clinical experience is that, for a woman whose periods are regular (28-32 days), intercourse once every other day (alternate days) in man-on-top position with woman's knees folded and drawn towards abdomen increases chances of pregnancy if all other parameters are normal. (But given the above mentioned conditions it is not wise to depend on these "tips").

To my best knowledge, the other surgeries you mentioned have no bearing on your prospects of pregnancy. Please have a thorough fertility work-up.



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