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Nothing unusual


Q: I am 34 years old and blessed with a son.He is 2 yrs. old now.When he was born and a few weeks afterwards his breasts seemed to be swollen and his testicles looked pretty big to me. Eventually everything looked normal but I still wonder what caused it. Would this problem crop up any time in future?


Ans: These changes are quite normal for the newborns and result from the influence of mother's hormones which the fetus absorbs. These signs resembling physical maturity disappear in a few weeks and have no adverse consequences in future.

Unless she touches me..


Q: I am a 39-year old bank employee. Had relatively enjoyable sex life till recently. Of late I am not getting erections easily on my own even though my sex desire is okay. I get erections very easily if my wife strokes my penis. I participate in intercourse almost every other day and this has been the case for the past 5 years or so. Should I understand that this is a sign of upcoming impo.. er.. what you call erection dysfunction? Can any precautions help prevent the situation? Please help.

-JM, Vijayawada

Ans: It is normal for a person of your age and sexual experience to get erections only on direct stimulation of the genitals by the partner. In contrast, a person in his teens or early twenties would get erections easily with visual and tactile stimulation and fantasy. The need for direct genital stimulation, thus, is by no means a sign of future erectile dysfunction (I appreciate your use of the right term). Just forget the whole thing and enjoy your sex life as usual.. thatÕs the best preventive measure!

Hair around nipples and sex drive


Q: My wife (age 22) has a few hairs around her nipples. She appears to be highly sexed and at times I am unable to satisfy her sexual needs. I am worried if she has excessive male hormone.

- R.V., Vizag

Ans: I am afraid your apprehension is misplaced. A few hairs around the nipples are quite common and do not reflect excessive testosterone (male hormone) levels in her body. It is usual for a man to think of his partner as oversexed (or of himself as dysfunctional) when his partner frequently fails to get sexual gratification, though the real reasons could be quite different. For example, the man reaching orgasm much earlier than his partner, the female partner receiving little or no sexual stimulation before intercourse, the female being unable to reach orgasm out of inexperience, lack of knowledge about various foreplay and coital techniques that could bring her to orgasm, and the like, could cause sexual difficulties between the couples. In your case, measures to identify and resolve such causative factors can bring about the missing sexual pleasure in your lives.

Body size vs. penis size


Q: Do robust people have much larger penises than their smaller counter parts? I am aged 23 and 175 cm tall with a weight of 72 kilos. Yet my penis measures only 14 cm when fully erect. This upsets me because I have seen guys who have much longer and apparently much stout shafts. For my age shouldn't I have a much bigger apparatus? (sorry for the slang.). I feel terribly shy to mingle with my friends especially at swimming pools and public bath places.

- TMG, Secunderabad

Ans: Well, body size has really no relationship with the size of the penis (or that of testicles, for that matter). There are very tall people, very short ones, heavy weights as well as featherweights who have longer penises than yours and of course much shorter ones too. Just as some persons of your height are slender and some bulky, so also the penis size varies randomly among “man”kind. Since your penis size is quite the way it should be, you need feel shy any more.

Gonorrhoea: I am free of it, but not my wife.



Q: I am sorry to write that I have visited a prostitute recently and got infected with “ganaria”. But within one week it has gone off and perfectly normal now. Unfortunately my wife is now infected now. She experiences unbearable burning sensation while passing urine, and she says she noticed some yellowish thick fluid coming out of her organ. Immediately I understood it is ganaria. Will it vanish on its own as in my case? Or should she consult a doctor. She is suffering a lot.

-LKP, Vanasthalipuam

Ans: From the symptoms you describe you both appear to be having gonorrhoea and this warrants immediate consultation with a person who specialized in treating sexually transmitted diseases (a venereologist, he is called. There are quite a number of them in the city you live). Even though many people, like you, whose symptoms have subsided on their own, think that the disease itself has disappeared, gonorrhoea is a not a self-curing disease. One of its characteristics is to withdraw physical signs and symptoms temporarily , only to reappear more vigorously later. Alternatively it may do extensive damage to the internal reproductive organs and can also be associated with other body organs as well in due course, if and only if left untreated. There are innumerable men and women whose fertility was adversely affected because of gonorrhoea. The best part of gonorrhoea is that it can be easily treated with modern antibiotics and every infected person can be completely cured of the disease if treated early. The worse part is that more than half of men and women infected with gonorrheal bacterium are free of outward symptoms and think they are healthy. In reality they are not! They are the ones who actively transmit the harmful bacterium to their partners. These are the most important reasons why you should see the doc immediately. You may also note that the gonorrheal infection is frequently accompanied by other infective organisms such as Chlamydia, which can be equally damaging, especially to women. Lastly, you may wish to know that prostitutes are nowadays referred to with a more accepted term “commercial sex worker (CSW)” or simply, “sex worker”.

Sex during pregnancy


Q: Can we participate in sex during pregnancy? I gather that intercourse could result in a miscarriage. How does intercourse harm the baby? Does sex during pregnancy result in premature labour? We were too shy to ask our doctor.

-TBK, Kakinada

Ans : There is a widespread myth that sexual intercourse during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months (I trimester) may lead to miscarriage. The truth is that most miscarriages during this time result from genetic defects in the developing fetus. The spontaneous abortions which are common in the first pregnancy, are wrongly attributed by many to sexual intercourse during this time. For a woman whose pregnancy proceeds normally without any complications, sex is not likely to cause any pregnancy related problems including miscarriage and premature labour. However, there are certain circumstances in which sexual intercourse might predispose a pregnant woman to abortion. They include vaginal bleeding, frequent pain in lower abdomen, previous history of miscarriages, a weak cervix (mouth of the womb) that required sutures, evidence or history of placental problems Š all these conditions warrant care or better still, abstinence from sex during pregnancy. Likewise, it is not wise to participate in sex during and beyond second semester if twins are detected. If any of these conditions are not present, the couple can safely participate in sexual intercourse. Deep thrusting is discouraged if the female experiences pain during coitus. Your other question regarding possible harm to the developing baby: the penis does not physically contact the fetus, which is well protected by the uterine muscles and the amniotic fluid. The cervical mucous plug prevents bacteria and semen from entering the womb.

Can a pregnant woman masturbate?


Q : Can a pregnant woman masturbate? It is customary in our culture for the pregnant woman to stay away from the husband from about 5 th month onwards and live at her “parents” place till delivery. I am in my 7 th month and live in such a situation. Being a recently married woman, frequently I feel the urge to have sex, but do not have the opportunity given the above circumstances. I was in the habit of self-pleasuring and had been orgasmic through masturbation in the past. Could I go back to it to relieve myself of the sexual tension, without risking my baby's health?


Ans : You may very well do so. There is absolutely no risk unless, you use dildos or other artificial penetration devices or resort to acts such as fisting without care.


Foul smelling urine


Q : Can you tell me if these are signs of an STD? I have white discharge and my urine has a very foul smell...

Ans : Foul smelling urine could mean a urinary tract infection. A consultation with a specialist treating uro-genital infections will be helpful. Given the brief content of your mail I cannot say anything more than this.