A 24-yr. Indian male writes:

Hi! I am a 24-year old boy. I am a regular visitor of your site. I love to read all the answers which u give in a detailed manner. But for the past few months I am facing a problem for which I am mentally and physically very disappointed. Please give answer to my question. I will be waiting for it eagerly.

Q. I am masturbating regularly from the age of !7.If I do not masturbate at least once a day then after two days or so I notice that I have frequent erections throughout the day and thinks about nude men and women which increases my sexual desires and often leads to nightfall. During those days I cannot concentrate in my works and I am mentally very upset. Every thing is normal if I masturbate regularly. I know that too much of masturbation is harmful to sexual life. But I cannot live normally without masturbating. Please let me know why this happens?

Who said too much masturbation is harmful. HOW MUCH is TOO much?

At your age sexual thoughts, feelings and responses are high. In fact, the highest in a man's life time. SO it's natural that if they are not released by one or the other means, what you have just described will happen. Sexual energies wont let you keep cool. They drive you to crazily search for an outlet. Let go off through masturbation than let those feelings upset your cool, concentration and other abilities.

The good thing is - neither night falls nor masturbation is harmful. They are quite normal and do you good.

So don't worry if even if you have to masturbate every day. It's many times safer than experimenting sex with men and women and thus contracting STDs, HIV etc.



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