A 24-yr. Indian male writes:

i have got married recently but my wife is very scared of the pain which she might have during intercourse so we have not been able to achieve penetration

Lot of women experience this fear and some so intensely so that they do not even permit touching of the vagina.. some even kick the doctor and nurses if they attempt at vaginal examination. I do not know how intensely your wife is scared.

If her fear is intense, respect her concern as such and consult a sex therapist near you who is experienced in treating what is called vaginismus, a psychosexual condition in which the muscles surrounding the entrance into the vagina are involuntarily shut making insertion impossible.

The sex therapist understands the concerns of a woman who is scared of sexual intercourse and, through a series of consultations and graded do-it-yourself-at-home exercises, will help her understand the anatomy of the sex organs, the way they function, how her fear blocks the function, how she could overcome the problem and achieve insertion of penis into the vagina without pain.

All this, however needs a bit of patience on the part of both you and support from you.



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